Welcome to the home of the UPenn Neuroscience Graduate Group’s Graduate-Led Initiatives & Activities – providing trophic support for the NGG graduate community.  Yes, it abbreviates to GLIA.  And yes, we do think it’s clever in an endearing, dorky sort of way.

The activities and initiatives coordinated by GLIA are supported by the Mahoney Institute for Neurosciences (MINS) and fall broadly into four categories:

Professional Development –  No matter what you do with your Ph.D., learning how to teach, how to write, how to invite and host speakers, how to apply for money and how to give good talks, are important skills.

NGG Community Building – Get to know NGG students and faculty in a variety of contexts.  What you learn might surprise you!

img_4024Outreach – Want to give back to the local Philadelphia community, and use neuroscience to do it?  Check out our Outreach programs!

 Public Relations – The activities that fall under the Public Relations umbrella offer opportunities to interact with both scientific and non-scientific spheres on behalf of the Penn NGG community.

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