Current Members

Every cart needs its horse(s)!  These folks coordinate and oversee all the activities under the GLIA umbrella, as well as facilitate communication among the leaders of the different initiatives and between the students and faculty.

David DavidReiner, Co-Director

David is a fourth year student studying the neuroscience of obesity in Matt Hayes’ lab .  When he is not thinking about food, he enjoys playing and watching sports, in particular dropping 3’s in basketball and tearing up the basepaths in baseball. David can be contacted at

TrishalaTrishala Parthasarathi, Co-Director

Trishala is a fourth year graduate student in Joe Kable’s laboratory studying how human decision-making could be related to thinking about the future. When she is not making pretty brain pictures with fMRI data, Trishala enjoys Indian classical dancing, doing her nails, and eating good food. Trishala can be contacted at

labJulia Kahn, Secretary/Treasurer

Julia is a fourth year in Doug Coulter’s lab,
studying how hippocampal circuit dysfunction causes cognitive deficits in epilepsy. When she’s not using lasers to make brains glow, she can be found pursuing puns, taking absurdly long walks, and trying to feed everyone ever. Julia can be contacted at

RyanRyan Natan, Community Building Chair

Ryan is a varsity graduate student working in Maria Neimark Geffen’s laboratory toward revealing the cortical circuits involved in auditory perception, adaptation, habituation and novelty detection. When he’s not DJ-ing for a murine audience, Ryan enjoys stand-up paddle boarding the Schuylkill river, crafting meat infused liquors, and facilitating cultural exchange through couchsurfing. Ryan can be contacted at

Patti Murphy

Patti Murphy, Outreach Chair

Patti is a third year student interested in using what we know about neuronal injury and disease to design neuroregenerative scaffolds made entirely of living cells. When she’s not convincing neurons to do what she wants them to do, you can find her swimming, eating and drinking all the things, and being addicted to Hulu. Patti can be contacted at

IsaacIsaac Perron, Professional Development Chair

Isaac is a fifth year graduate student working with Drs. Allan Pack and Sigrid Veasey. His project focuses on how diet and/or obesity affect sleep and circadian rhythms in mice. When not testing the effects of sleep deprivation on himself, he enjoys playing in various sports leagues (basketball, football, and softball) or avoiding the outdoors altogether. Isaac can be contacted at

Hannah ShGLIA_headshot copyoenhard, Public Relations Chair

Hannah is a second year studying the genetic specification of simple circuits and behaviors in Michael Granato’s lab. When she’s not frightening baby zebrafish, she enjoys organizing NGG dinners, raiding the library, attempting to piano-ify songs she hears on the radio, and exploring the Philadelphia theater scene. Hannah can be contacted at

bowman_headshotNicole Bowman, General Member

Nicole is a second year student interested in how adhesion molecules may alter signaling at the synapse.  She works in the Neuropsychiatric Signaling Program led by Drs. Chang-Gyu Hahn and Karin Borgmann-Winter; the group has a specific interest in schizophrenia.  When she’s not in front of her LC-MS, you can find her on her bike or yoga mat, or maybe just enjoying Philly’s great food scene!   Nicole can be contacted at


Felicia Davatolhagh, General Member

Felicia is a second year student in Marc Fuccillo’s lab studying how alterations in behavioral control circuits contribute to neuropsychiatric disorders. Outside of lab she enjoys running along the Schuylkill river trail, browsing Reddit, and following Real Madrid in soccer. Felicia can be contacted at

ShacheeShachee Doshi, General Member

Shachee is a fifth year student in Dr. Bob Kalb’s lab. Her project is trying to uncover the link between cellular metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases, specifically ALS. When she’s not playing with mice and worms in lab, you can find her hanging out with her friends drinking delicious beer and eating delicious food around Philadelphia. She also loves to dance, play with her dog and get into arguments with people (and win). Shachee can be contacted at

LG HeadshotLeonardo Guercio, General Member

Leonardo is a fifth year student researching the neurobiology of drug addiction and relapse in the laboratory of Dr. Chris Pierce. His research is focused on understanding how glutamate signaling in the mesocorticolimbic reward system can affect cocaine relapse. When he’s not zapping rat brains, Leonardo enjoys playing sports, watching movies and comedy, and acting as the cultural ambassador to Philly. Leonardo can be reached at

imageNicole Hernandez, General Member

Nicole is a second year student in Heath Schmidt’s lab studying the role of neuroendocrine factors in drug addiction. When she’s not giving rats cocaine, she enjoys dancing, making healthy green smoothies in her magic bullet and being an all around foodie. Nicole can be contacted at

Blake headshotBlake Kimmey, General Member

Blake, a third year student in John Dani’s lab, is studying the role of serotonin signaling in stress-related alcohol consumption. When he’s not poking neurons with pointy pieces of glass, Blake enjoys watching scifi TV shows and movies, zentangling, and playing with his pets. Blake can be contacted


Andy Moore, General Member

Andy is a third year student broadly interested in the cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, watching the Yankees, hanging out with his cats, and playing Quizzo. Andy can be contacted at

SRobinsonShivon Robinson, General Member

Shivon is a fifth year student studying the neural mechanisms underlying stress-induced anxiety and depressive-like behavior in Irwin Lucki’s lab. When she is not perfecting her skills as a mouse whisperer, she enjoys playing viola, watching questionable reality tv, and hoarding sheep in Settlers of Catan. Shivon can be contacted at

yeri_headshotYeri Song, General Member

Yeri is a second year student in Frances Jensen’s lab studying the effects of early-life seizures on the critical period of development.  When she’s not in the company of mice and convulsants, she enjoys wandering around Philly exploring places to eat and drink, and of course vegetating in bed watching TV. Yeri can be contacted at


M. Morgan Taylor, General Member

Morgan is a fifth year working in Diego Contreras’ lab, studying the role of inhibition in cortical visual processing.  In addition to shining lasers into mouse brains, she enjoys running or biking on the Schuylkill river trail, not being a vegan, and arguing with medical students about the biological basis of consciousness. Morgan can be contacted at

GLIA headshotBarbara Terzic, General Member

Barbara is a second year student studying the genetics behind neurodevelopmental disorders and autism-like behaviors in Joe Zhou’s lab. Aside from hanging out with autistic mice, she enjoys eating food, cooking food, taking pictures of food, finding additional food around Philly, and (poorly) playing the piano. Barbara can be contacted at

Alyse ThomasAlyse Thomas, General Member

Alyse is a varsity graduate student studying the neurobiology of addiction in John Dani’s laboratory. Her research examines how nicotine and stress interact to increase alcohol consumption. Outside of the lab, she enjoys meeting new people and exploring the city. Alyse can be contacted at

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