Who We Are

The members of the GLIA Committee are a group of approximately 20 dedicated, passionate NGG students.   The full committee meets three times annually to oversee, coordinate and, if needed, modify the various activities and initiatives that fall under its purview.  All committee members commit to a term of 1 year.

Students at all stages of their graduate careers are invited and encouraged to join the GLIA Committee.  Prospective new members should contact the GLIA Chairs (ngg.glia@gmail.com) by the beginning of the fall semester to express interest, but may officially become a GLIA member after attending 2/3 meetings in the academic year and being actively involved in planning a GLIA activity. Full GLIA leadership positions are voted upon in the January meeting and conferred after the May meeting.

All students must obtain written permission from their respective PIs in order to join the GLIA Committee.

For more information, please see the official GLIA guidelines.