Elementary Outreach

GLIA is excited to announce the launch of our elementary school outreach program! Our goal is to bring basic concepts in neuroscience – e.g., how the brain and nervous system work – to students in grades K-8 in the Philadelphia area. We hope that our lessons will provide students with an early exposure to an emerging field, and also that we’ll get students excited to learn about science in general.


March 25th and 26th, 2015 @ Independence Charter School –  1st and 2nd graders neuroscience outreach revisit. Check out Penn Medicine’s blog (with pictures!) about our outreach efforts with these awesome kids: http://news.pennmedicine.org/blog/2015/03/beginner-brain-science-slide-show.html

Jan 22nd, 2015 @ John Hancock Elementary School – 4th and 5th grade neuroscience demonstration of the neuromuscular junction!

March 12th and 13th, 2014 @ Independence Charter School – 1st grade neuroscience demonstrations (seeing, smelling/tasting, movement, touch, hearing/speaking and BUILDING A BRAIN!)


1) If you’d like to look over two sample lesson plans that we recently brought to local schools, please take a moment to examine these Word (.docx) document for our lesson on “Specialized Functions of the Human Brain” and “How do Neurons Talk to Muscles”:
Specialized Functions of the Human Brain.

How do Neurons talk to Muscles

2) Check out this incredible collection of neuroscience websites geared towards elementary school students, put together by Kait: NeuroLinks for Kids.


If you are a teacher or educator interested in having us come to your school and teach a fun neuroscience lesson to your students, please contact:

Kait Folweiler kfolw@mail.med.upenn.edu or
Patti Murphy patti.murphy@gmail.com

Patti Murphy, 3rd year

Kait Folweiler, 3rd year