Professional Development

The techniques that ultimately make a good professor are also essential to a variety of other pursuits.  Professional development activities include three classes of workshops – the first intended to develop teaching skills and the others intended to develop scientific skills – as well as a student-invited seminar speaker series.  All three initiatives provide NGG members with the opportunity to learn the tricks of the scientific trade from experienced researchers, both from UPenn and elsewhere, as well as to further develop essential scientific skill sets, such as coordinating a speaker’s visit.

*NEW* Check out our brand-new Career Planning & Job Postings section, where we’ll be pooling resources from across the University, and even across the Interwebs, to help you figure out where you’d like to take your Ph.D. (and how to get yourself there).

Career Planning & Job Postings

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Opportunities

Return of NGG Alumni (RNA) Speaker Series

Fuel for Successful Scientists Workshops

Student-Invited Seminar Speaker Series

Non-NGG Professional Development Opportunities

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