Career Planning

What can I do with my Ph.D.? More importantly – what should I do with it? As a dissertation-level graduate student, you are probably well aware that the academic job market has become increasingly challenging, and that academia is by no means the only post-graduate path. While some of us may indeed pursue academic research, others of us will go into industry, or consulting, or writing, or teaching, or any of a host of potential futures for which our degrees qualify us. Still, navigating this expanded job market can be a dizzying prospect; advising often seems limited, and it’s logical to ask, in the midst of experimental planning and paper-writing: how can we prepare for both academic AND non-academic jobs while we are still dedicated graduate students? You’ve wondered; so have we. And here’s the truth: it’s never too early to start thinking about it.

Check out the links below for some ideas to help you get started. Just remember: we’re all in this together! If you know of a great resource, or have heard of some opportunity that you think fellow NGG students might want to know about, let us know via the Contact form and we’ll put it on the website.

NGG Job Bulletin Board – Looking for job postings related to NGG? You’ll find them here.

UPenn Career Services – resources for doctoral students

UPenn Career Services – expanded career resources for science/biomedical Ph.D. students

National Postdoctoral Association – resources for aspiring post-doctoral researchers

AAAS Science Careers – national resource consolidation for academic and non-academic job postings; also features great career articles

NatureJobsfantastic resource boards for academic and non-academic job postings; also features great career articles

The Versatile Ph.D. – through Penn, graduate students considering a transition out of academia now have access to this extensive database of resources, articles, and opportunities. While primarily targeted at humanities and social sciences graduate students, the site does have some material of interest to STEM students. For access instructions, please read through Career Services’ post here.

Biospace – an online life sciences community and career network for those interested in learning more about biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical research options following completion of the degree.