Return of NGG Alumni Speaker Series

The Return of NGG Alumni (RNA) RNA Speaker Series aims to bridge the gap between current and former NGG students, while allowing current students to learn about potential careers after they graduate. The goal is to invite NGG alumni from a diverse range of professions and provide current students with networking opportunities. The series will feature 1-hour sessions comprising a small talk by the alumnus about their current work followed by a Q&A session with current students. Food and coffee will be provided!


To be announced–stay tuned!

PAST RNA Speakers

Dr. Judy Wang – Medical Writer at Nucleus Group
Thursday, October 1 2015

Dr. Jason Rodriguez – Actuary at ACE Insurance
Thursday, September 10 2015

Dr. Katie Kopil  – Senior Associate Director of Research Programs at Non-profit organization
Friday, July 24 2015

Dr. Keith Feigenson Associate Professor at Albright College
Friday, May 29 2015

Dr. Samantha White – AAAS Science and Technology Fellow
Friday, May 1 2015

Dr. Greg Dunn – Owner of Greg A Dunn Design
Thursday, April 16 2015

Dr. Matthew YoungAcademic Postdoc at Emory University
Thursday, October 16th 2014

RNA Planning Committee

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