Prospective Students

So: you’re thinking about applying to NGG (great decision, in our mind. totally do it! do it right now!). Or maybe you’ve already applied, and your interview weekend is fast approaching, and you’re not totally sure what to expect. Or maybe, best of all, you’ve already had your interview weekend, and it went very well (good for you! we were so glad to meet you!) and now you’re trying to decide whether or not Penn NGG is the place you want to spend your Ph.D. years. These are big decisions, huh? Maybe a little nerve-wracking? Six years can seem like a long time!

Relax. Take a deep breath. GLIA is here to help.

In Our Own Words  – Read thoughts from current and former students. What made them choose NGG over other programs, and what do they like best about NGG now that they’re here?

Why Philadelphia? –  The City of Brotherly Love continues to surprise us with its awesomeness. Bike-friendly streets? Check. Rowdy sports fans? Check. An unbelievable number of ways to experience one of the country’s oldest and greatest cities? Checkity check check.

Contact a studentYou’ve got questions? We’ve got neuroscientists-in-training who moonlight as musicians, intramural champs, volunteers, foodies, and all-around good-natured Philadelphians. Whatever you may want to know about going to grad school at Penn, one of them probably has an answer.