A vital part of making sure that interview weekends for the prospective PhD applicants to NGG run smoothly, Recruitment represents the current NGG-students’ involvement in these weekends.

Mission Statement

During the interview weekends for PhD applicants to the Neuroscience program, current NGG students arrange and participate in Recruitment activities.  These activities include greeting the applicants, arranging and attending meals, acting as guides during the interviews, and arranging for extra activities and opportunities for getting to know the current students and the city.  The purpose of this participation is to 1) ensure that the weekend runs smoothly, 2) to allow opportunities for social and scientific interaction between current and prospective members of the NGG community and 3) to make sure the applicants’ time at Penn is a positive experience.

We seek to involve as many current NGG students as possible, ideally including ample representation from all sub-disciplines and all stages of graduate training. We participate closely with the graduate coordinator(s) as each interview weekend (January or February) nears.

Our first organizational meeting will be sometime in December.  Stay tuned for details.